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Hi you! My name is Iina, makeup artist who is kind of a free spirit, like you can see in the picture. You can see my son in the picture too, he is my little “brother in crime”. I love him!


Makeup is my passion, and my mission is to make everyone love himself little bit more. I love to make people feel comfortable in my makeup chair and give relaxing space while doing the makeup and hair. I have the talent to heal and build people trough my work, i can see the whole beauty of them.

I can lift self esteem high and that´s why i am powerful in my work.

I use my intuition with my customers, so i create magic, because i also have strong 14 year experience doing makeup. Commercial and salon makeup.


Hahaa… that´s true. I don´t know anything about latest fashion. My customers give me guidelines and i create inside of them. Intuition is my superpower.

That´s why i´m great to help with your style. For example if you are an artist and you wan´t to have unique style created just for you.

One of my product´s is “Glowing Self-course”. In that course i create 3 styles in 3 hours with intuition. I do your makeup, hair, style and i catch that style in powering picture where is captured 3 styles from your soul (I´m not photographer but little bit whoohoo i´m, not scary way :D). There is warm presence involved in the course. The price is 249€ (There is smaller version of Glowing self too, it´s 1,5 hours and 1-2 styles called Awsome Me-course. The price is 97€)

Look a pictures of “Glowing Self-course” (Text is now only in Finnish, but it´s on the way in English… soon ;) but you get the idea of that.)

My passion in makeup:

  • Commercial. Makeup and hair (style)

  • Makeup and self esteem coaching and courses



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If you wan´t to work with me, you can write to me here:

(Call or message me +358505213884)

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